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Updated on April 30, 2019



This script is used for quick placement of windows in 3Ds Max scene.
Before using the script requires preset the windows.
Read more in the Setup Window section.
window placer


  • Windows list
  • Placement the windows with snap
  • Automatic placement
  • Flip by local axis (X, Y, Z)
  • Tool for windows settings
This script uses shareware license!
Please purchase license key for support the creator to continue the development and support this script itself.
Read more info in License section.
Purchase Key


In the latest version of Window Placer used Universal Installer, which allows you to
automatically copy necessary files, and add the buttons to the Tool Bar and QuadMenu.

Step 1

Run the installer, just Drag & Drop WindowPlacer.mzp in to 3D Studio Max window.
Or execute from Scripting → Run Script.
window placer install run script

Step 2

After run the installer you can see the next window.
window placer install wizard
Follow the instructions:
  • Read the license text
  • Agree with license I accept the term in the license agreement
  • Press the Next

Step 3

window placer installing options
Register interface menus:
  • Tool Bar (Recommended) - install Tool Bar buttons (Recommended)
  • Quad Menu - install as item in QuadMenu
Setup options:
  • Install - for install script
  • Remove - for remove script
Press the Next.

Step 4

window placer install process
During the installation process you will be required to confirm the copying of files with the Administrator rights, by clicking Yes!


Be sure to confirm the action by pressing Yes, otherwise the installation will be failed!
window placer install confirm by administrator
After a successful installation is finished, you will see a message.
window placer install success
Additional options:
  • Run Script - run the script
  • About - information about Installer
  • Help - open this help
Press the Finish, done! Script installed.


Depending on the options that were selected during installation in the 3D Studio Max interface buttons will appear!
window placer toolbar icon
Button in the ToolBar.
window placer in quad menu
Button in the QuadMenu.


For remove the Window Placer you must do the following:

Step 1

Run the installer, just Drag & Drop WindowPlacer.mzp in to 3D Studio Max window. Or execute from Scripting → Run Script.
window placer uninstall run script

Step 2

Agree with license I accept the term in the license agreement.
Press the Next.

Step 3

In Setup Options set the Remove value.
window placer uninstall remove option
Press the Next.

Step 4

window placer unistall confirm by administrator
During the removal process you will be required to confirm the removing the files with Administrator rights, by clicking Yes!


Be sure to confirm the action by pressing Yes, otherwise the uninstall will be failed!
After successful completion of the removal, you will see a message.
window placer unistall success
The script is completely removed from your computer as well as deleted Window Placer buttons of ToolBar and QuadMenu!

How to use

Step 1

Launch Window Placer, by pressing the button on the ToolBar or QuadMenu.

Step 2

Import in the scene your own windows library, using File → Merge.
If you have not configured the windows library, you need to manually configure each window.
Customized windows you can use in new projects again and again.


Setup windows and placing must be the in same system units!
Configure window:
  • Open the rollout Window Setup
  • Follow all the items one by one
  • For more details see the Window Setup section

Step 3

After setting up the library windows of their name appears in the list:
window placer main

Step 4

Select the window you want from the list, and then click the Place or Create From Borders.


Vertex Move - if selected, it will display the windows configured for this type. In this mode, the windows are adjusted by shifting the end points to the size of the opening.

Scale - displays windows that will be inserted into the openings by scaling. This mode copies windows as instances. This is especially useful if you are doing a project in Unreal Engine.


If choosed, the windows are placed one by one manually.
Press the button Place, you will automatically turn on Tape tool.

Build a tape from top left to bottom right corner, and then will be created window.
window placer place button.gif

Create From Border:

In this mode, the windows are placed automatically.
In Editable Poly select Open Borders, then press the button Create From Border, after that in the window openings are inserted window.
window placer create from border button.gif


Each Open Border should consist of only four points.

For example, if you make Cap Polygons, each polygon must be quadrangular!

Step 5

Do not forget to save your customized window into another file.
Customized window can be used again and again in new scenes.

Window Setup

It is a responsible part correct configure windows.


Do not forget to check the Mode before setting up the windows!

Be sure to have all the windows should be the correct Pivot, and the correct position without transformation (Reset XForm), so that would be of the facade of the window it was perpendicular as Front view.
window placer setup front view.gif
Open rollout Window Setup and follow the steps:

Step 1: Set Pivot

window placer setup pivot.gif
Press the button Set Pivot.
Build a tape diagonally from the upper left corner to the right lower snap by Vertex.


Perhaps you will want to further edit the Pivot manually!

Step 2: Set Size

Press the button Set Size. Build a tape diagonally from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.
Thus, you set the width and height of the window.
window placer setup size.gif
For other objects, such as window frames, set the dimensions as shown in the figure below.
window placer setup size inner.gif

Step 3: Vertex Sets

window placer setup vertex sets.gif
Go to Edit Poly mode.
Select the left points of the window, click Add Left Vertex.
Select the right points, click Add Right Vertex.
Similarly, do the operation and for the upper and bottom points.
These points will later be shifted to the left, right, up or down.


If you change the geometry of the window, all the settings you need to re-do!

Step 4: Floating Elements (Optional)


This step is optional!
If you want a window element that has shifted to the left or right in proportion to the width of the window,
add this points Add Left Vertex, that would be shifted to the left and Add Right Vertex, that would be shifted to the right.
window placer setup floating elements.gif


The Window Placer script distributed by shareware license!
Purchase Key

License agreement:

  • This software is available in free access for every user
  • You can absolutely free to use all the features of this software
  • The author assumes no liability for damage to your computer (3D Studio Max, scene, etc.)
  • You have no right to transfer to third parties or acquired software license key
  • You can use license key maximum on 2 computers (Home and Work)

Obtain the license:

  • You support the author
  • You support the continued development of the script
  • You turn off the notification window when you run the script
  • You will be able to participate in the development of the script
  • You can receive free updates by clicking Check For Updates
  • You will be notified of each new version via email

License notice

Each time the script is run, you will see a message on purchase of the license.
window placer license
To close this window, press the 1, 2 or 3.
See the message For close this window press #? button, which button closes the window this time.
Purchase a license key, that the window is no longer displayed!

Purchase and using a license key

To purchase a license key, go to product page:
Window Placer
and press Buy.
Or click on the Purchase Key button in the license window:
window placer license buy
You will be redirected to the payment page.
Select a comfortable payment method, enter your e-mail and click the Continue.


Fill correctly your e-mail. In this e-mail will be sent an message with a license key.

window placer purchase 1

You can use license key maximum on 2 computers!
After payment you will be redirected to the page with a license key.
Also the key will be sent to your specified e-mail.
window placer receive license key

Copy the license key and paste it in the form of License Key in the notification window of the script license.
window placer enter license key
If you did everything correctly, the notification will automatically close and no longer appear.
In rollout License, you will see information about your license.

window placer purchased license


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