MaxScript Basic

Author: MastaMan
Date: August 22, 2023
Updated on: December 1, 2023
Category: Programming
Price: Patreon Subscription
Language: English
Lectures: 12 (lectures are still being added)
Requirements: 3Ds Max 2012+
Level: Elementary
Hi everyone, I'm MastaMan and we're starting a series of MaxScript tutorials.

Most of you work in 3Ds Max doing routine tasks every day. MaxScript will help optimize your workflow or you can learn how to code.

Since MaxScript is a very simple programming language, understanding its basics will help you understand how to write code and is a great start in your programming. By understanding the basics, you will be able to further explore other programming languages.

In this series of lessons, I will try to explain very simply, in simple words, how to quickly start writing code, and most importantly, we will consider simple examples and quickly achieve results.

After all, when we immediately see the result, it raises enthusiasm and there is more desire to dive into MaxScript.

Creating an interactive 3D portfolio gallery

Author: MastaMan
Date: August 25, 2023
Updated on: November 2, 2023
Category: Playcanvas
Price: Patreon Subscription
Language: English, Ukrainian
Lectures: 6
Requirements: 3Ds Max 2022+
Level: Intermediate
We will create a 3D web gallery using WebGL technology, namely the Playcanvas service. It's an unusual way to showcase your creative work. We will also need knowledge of Autodesk 3Ds Max and basic skills in Photoshop/Photopea.

Please send a private message to Patreon to be added as a member of an already completed project on Playcanvas, so it will be more convenient for you to study the project, copy assets and scripts!

Here are some of the features we'll be working on:
* Dynamic loading of large portfolio images to improve project loading speed in the browser.
* Moving around the scene using the Point And Click method, i.e. moving when clicking to a specific location on the floor.
* Smooth animation of the dashboard.
* Soundtrack for the infobar.
* And much more.

You will also have access to scripts written by me for 3Ds Max, which allow you to speed up the saving of models for Playcanvas, as well as adapt images to different picture formats.
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