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With CopyTo you can copy and paste objects in the current scene or between different scenes or even between different open 3Ds Max windows.
Pasting objects will work even after reopening 3Ds Max or restarting your computer.
Copying will work, even between different versions of 3Ds Max.
For example, you can copy objects in 3Ds Max 2016 and paste into 3Ds Max 2013 or vice versa (backward compatibility max 3 versions) .

Download CopyTo
copy to quad menu


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Automatically create menu items in the Quad Menu
  • Copy between different versions of 3Ds Max *
  • Indicator with copy/paste notification
  • Simple settings
* - support for backward compatibility up to 3 versions. 
(This means that you cannot copy for example from 3Ds Max 2020 → 2012, but only 2020 → 2017. However, from 2012 → 2020 the insertion will works without problems!)
Download CopyTo
This script is free!
But you can make a donation to support the author and development.
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Newer versions of CopyTo use Universal Installer Lite to help you with installation and also automatically create menu items in the Quad Menu. Everything is done so that you make a minimum of effort and do not waste your time.

Step 1

install scripting run script
Run the installer, just drag the (Drag & Drop) file CopyTo.mzp into the Autodesk 3Ds Max Viewport.
Or run CopyTo.mzp using the Scripting → Run Script drop-down menu.
quick install animated

Step 2

After starting the installer, you will see the following window:
installed success copyto
Done! CopyTo script installed successfully!

Step 3

Check if the necessary items have been created in the Quad Menu: CopyTo and PasteFrom.
copy to installed to quad menu
If these menu items have not been created, read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) .


Step 1

Open the Customize → Customize User Interface menu.
customize customize user interface

Step 2

delete items from quad menu
Open the Quads tab.
Find the CopyTo and PasteFrom items and delete them using the context menu (right-clicking) and select Delete Menu Item.

How to use

Step 1

Select one or more objects.
how to use copyto
Open the Quad Menu by clicking the right mouse button in the Viewport.
And press CopyTo to copy objects.

Step 2

pastefrom animated
In the same or other 3Ds Max scene, click PasteFrom.
Objects will be pasted!


copyto open settings animated
To open the settings menu:
- Press the right mouse button to open the QuadMenu
- Press and hold the Shift key (when the QuadMenu open)
- Select the PasteFrom item

Auto Rename Duplicate Objects - automatically rename duplicate objects.
Auto Rename Mtl Duplicates - automatically rename duplicate materials.

These options are disabled by default. If there are conflicts with duplicates, you will have to manually confirm the action.
We recommend use these options disabled.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the script work?

When you make a copy, the object(s) are saved to a temporary file clipboard.max in a temporary folder.
When, you paste objects, the objects are Merge from the temporary file clipboard.max.
Therefore, you can paste objects after closing 3Ds Max or restarting your computer!
Why is CopyTo better than other?

The secret of this script is that it immediately saves a temporary file clipboard.max with the minimum version of 3Ds Max.
For example, you make a copy in 3Ds Max 2020, and the clipboard.max file is saved in the 2017 version.
Thanks to this, you can copy objects between different open windows and versions of 3Ds Max.
What is backward compatibility?

By default, 3Ds Max can save files three versions lower. This is a system limitation that the CopyTo script is also subject to.
This means that, for example, you can copy and paste objects from 3Ds Max 2020 → 2017 or 2016 → 2013, you catch the idea.
But at the same time, for example from 3Ds Max 2012 → 2020 will be inserted without problems!

From the minimum version to the maximum copy/paste occurs without problems. But from the maximum to the minimum, only three versions lower.
How to open a temporary folder where clipboard.max is located?

Call QuadMenu, right-click, then with QuadMenu open, press Shift, then select PasteFrom.
If you did everything right, you should see the window with settings.
Next, click the Open Temp Folder button in the settings window.
Can I copy from 3Ds Max 2014 to the 2019 version?

Nothing happens when copying from 3DsMax 2017 to 2012?

You can copy/paste three versions lower for 3Ds Max due to backward compatibility.
Therefore, you you can insert at least in the 2014 version!
No items appeared in QuadMenu after installation?

Run 3Ds Max as administrator and re-install!


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