How to save any image in Chrome, Opera, FireFox

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Updated on November 17, 2020
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Many have already heard or already know that the Google search engine removed the "Open full size" button in the image search. Now it's a little harder to get to the right picture, you need to go to the site where it's located and download.

But what if you want to save the picture to your computer, but clicking the right mouse in the browser on the picture does not have the option "Save image as"?

Why do some images have such an opportunity, but for others - no?

Often there are such cases even among colleagues, finding a texture or reference on some site, for example Cassina, if there is no option to save the picture - they just take a screenshot in the browser and then save through photoshop or another editor.
No matter how bad it is, a quick option, but not perfect, because the site can have larger images than you get in the screenshot.

Why sometimes there is no "Save image as" button?

In the Web there are several ways to insert a picture and depending on the tasks the programmer / web designer decides how to use. The most common way to use the "img" tag - in this case, usually the "Save image as" button is active in the context menu of the browser.

Another way to use the "div" block and assign a picture as its background - in this case, the button for saving the picture will not be active. It looks like something to the option in Photoshop "Pattern Overlay" for a shape or an element.
This method is convenient because the picture can be larger than the size of the "div".
exaple of use div with background
Example of use div with background

Locking the buttons "Save picture as" or context menu can also depend on javascript. Or some kind of invisible block of "div" will be on top of the image itself and the menu item with saving will also not be accessible.

Save any image in Chrome, Opera, Firefox

The latest versions of Opera and Chrome work identically, and the principle will be the same, I think, additional screenshots will not be needed here.

The principle is simple, you need to go into developer mode, go to the "Network" tab, find the desired picture and download.

Now for more detail on the example of

Step 1

Open the site in the browser, then start the developer mode.

Press on the keyboard combination of hot keys Ctrl + Shift + I (Works for all 3 browsers).

You will see the following window:
developer mode chrome
For Chrome

developer mode firefox
For FireFox

Step 3

Enable the filter by images [1] and sort content by size [2]:
developer mode chrome network images
For Chrome

developer mode firefox network images
For FireFox

Step 4

If you are looking for large images, they are usually at the top of the list.

Switch between the list items to find the desired image.

"Preview" in Chrome / Opera or "Responce" in FireFox (This set of tabs is available after selecting from the list of files).

Quickly switch between the items in the file list "Up" or "Down" on the keyboard.

Also pay attention to the size and resolution of the file, sometimes a small copy of the main images (thumbnail) can be found.
developer mode chrome images preview
For Chrome

developer mode firefox images preview
For FireFox

Step 5

Now it remains to save the file.
For Chrome / Opera, call the context menu on the preview image and click "Save".
developer mode chrome save image
For Chrome

For FireFox, call the context menu on the selected file from the list and click "Save Image As"
developer mode firefox save image
For FireFox


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