Render Farm Manager

System for full control of the render nodes.

With this system you can reserve nodes, automatically add to distributed rendering in 3Ds Max. Start/Stop/Restart spawners and nodes, full administration and more...

Web Interface

render farm manager 03
List of nodes wit detail information about running service, cpu load, memory and user.
You can choose nodes by groups and filter selection before reserve.

render farm manager 02
Detail information about render node.

3Ds Max Integration

render farm manager 04
This system also integrated with 3Ds Max. Was developed special script for 3Ds Max for easy access to Render Farm Manager when just click on Render Settings (F10) and select Distributed Rendering.

Admin Panel

render farm manager 05
Global settings.
render farm manager 06
List nodes with preferences.
render farm manager 07
Users managment.
render farm manager 08
Render service managment.
render farm manager 09
Group managment.
render farm manager 10
Offices managment.


Also available full statistic about whole render farm.
About current usage, render time per day, currency usage, render time by node etc.
render farm manager 11

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