Prune Scene

Updated on May 16, 2019



With Prune Scene you can clear your 3Ds Max scene from accumulated garbage.
This allows in some cases to greatly reduce the size and accelerate saving of scene.


  • Clear Track Notes
  • Clear Retimers
  • Clear Garbage Collection
  • Clear Memory
  • Clear Reactor Collision
  • Remove Animated Layers
  • Clear Missing Bitmaps
  • Remove Empty Layers
  • Remove All Animated Keys
  • Remove Missing Objects
  • Remove Invalid Objects (ParticleView)
  • Remove Viruses (ALC, CRP, ADSL)
  • Clear Corona Missing Assets (HdCache.hdc, LUT (*.cube))
This script uses shareware license!
Please purchase license key for support the creator to continue the development and support this script itself.
Read more info in License section.
Purchase Key


In new version of Prune Scene used Universal Installer, which allows you to automatically copy necessary files, and add the buttons to the Tool Bar and QuadMenu.

Step 1

Run the installer, just Drag&Drop PruneScene.mzp in to 3D Studio Max window.
Or execute from Scripting → Run Script
prune scene run script

Step 2

After run the installer you can see the next window.
prune scene installation wizard
Follow the instructions:
  • Read the license text
  • Agree with license I accept the term in the license agreement
  • Press the Next

Step 3

Register interface menus:
  • Tool Bar (Recommended) - install Tool Bar buttons (Recommended)
  • Quad Menu - install as item in QuadMenu
Setup options:
  • Install - for install script
  • Remove - for remove script
Press the Next

Step 4

prune scene install progress
During the installation process you will be required to confirm the copying of files with the Administrator rights, by clicking Yes!


Be sure to confirm the action by pressing Yes, otherwise the installation will be failed!
prune scene installation administrator rights confirm
After a successful installation is finished, you will see a message.
prune scene installation success
Additional options:
  • Run Script - run the script
  • About - information about Installer
  • Help - open this help
Press the Finish, done! Script installed.


Depending on the options that were selected during installation in the 3D Studio Max interface buttons will appear!
prune scene tool bar icon
Button in the ToolBar.
prune scene in quad menu
Button in the QuadMenu.


For remove the Prune Scene you must do the following:

Step 1

Run the installer, just Drag&Drop PruneScene.mzp in to 3D Studio Max window. Or execute from Scripting → Run Script.
prune scene run script

Step 2

Agree with license I accept the term in the license agreement.
Press the Next.
prune scene uninstall
Press the Next.

Step 4

prune scene installation administrator rights confirm
During the removal process you will be required to confirm the removing the files with Administrator rights, by clicking Yes!


Be sure to confirm the action by pressing Yes, otherwise the uninstall will be failed!
prune scene uninstall success
The script is completely removed from your computer as well as deleted Prune Scene buttons of ToolBar and QuadMenu!

How to use

Run the script from ToolBar or QuadMenu (depending on the settings during installation script).
prune scene main 2.8.x

Select the required items for each type of scene cleaning that you consider necessary.


It is strongly recommended before using Prune Scene save and make a backup of the scene! After cleaning, the action script can not be undone!
We recommend that you carefully review the information in this section!
Then press the Start.


All settings of the selected types of cleaning are saved after closing 3D Studio Max.
prune scene main 2.8.x

After a while, after the end of the process, on the other hand each type of cleaning you will see a colored status:
CLEARED - found and deleted garbage for this type.

NOT FOUND - not found garbage for this type.

DISABLED - this option has been disabled.
For more information about each type of treatment, see below.

Track Note/Retimers

Note Tracks/Retimers/Mixers appear at Merge, Import, X-Ref models or automatically, and can significantly increase the size of the scenes and slowdown performance.
This option will remove them.


When memory run low garbage cleared automatically, but until that time, the garbage will accumulate in the scene and to increase its size.
This option will help clean Garbage collection immediately!


It clears the Undo Buffer, - history of recent actions.
Also removes the Bitmap Cache.


After using this option, you may no longer be displayed texture in the viewport!

Reactor Collision

This option is relevant for older versions of 3D Studio Max.

Anim Layers

Removes animation layers that increase the size of the scene. These layers can be created automatically, even if you have a static scene, without animation.

Missing Objects

Removes objects by external plugins, which are not connected, and objects that are not correctly imported into the scene.
This option also removes blank objects.

Missing Bitmaps

Removes the path for non-existent textures. This feature helps to avoid errors Missing External Files at the opening scene...


Be careful if you transferred or created a new scene and did not have time to assign textures the path through Utilites → Bitmap / Phonometric Paths, you can reset all the paths textures!

Empty Layers

Removes layers in which no object.
Sometimes when you import drawings from AutoCAD or Merge models of the scene can be created unwanted empty layers. This option will remove them.

Anim Keys

Removes all animation keys.


If you have in the scene contains the desired animation, uncheck this option! Otherwise, all the animation will be removed!

Particle View (Invalid Objects)

Removes empty objects named Particle_View_001 ...
If you have in a scene no Particle animation, you can safely use this option.

Corona Assets

Removes missing assets in AssetsTracker (Shift+T) arrived into scene with models created in the old version of Corona Renderer.
Removes next assets paths for: HDCache.hdc, missing LUT files (*.cube)

Virus Active Protection

prune scene active protection

In the latest versions of Prune Scene added virus protection.
At the moment, there is support for several signatures to remove such viruses as ALC betacleaner and CRP bscript.
In future versions, new signatures will be added that will remove other virus modifications.

In order to activate the protection against viruses, click on the button PROTECTION DISABLED.
After a few seconds, the button turns green. This means that the protection will always be enabled, even after restarting the 3Ds max.

You also can immediately scan and remove viruses for current scene by pressing the Instant Scan Current Scene.


Protection is best activated before downloading the model from stocks or open an unknown scene.

The scripted viruses ALC betacleaner and CRP bscript potentially dangerous for your scene.

Viruses issues:
  • Crashes or fails to open
  • Corrupted scene data
  • Empty helper nodes
  • Unable to save the scene manually
  • Unable to use the Undo function
  • Displays various MaxScript errors
  • Corrupts or removes cameras, lights, and/or materials
  • Forces an auto-save after breaking the scene or when choosing "Don't Save" when closing
  • Adds itself to an existing script in the MaxScript startup directory
  • Force closes 3Ds Max
  • Unable to save V-Ray lights
  • And other

Active protection helps to remove viruses completely even without restarting 3Ds Max!


You can receive notifications about deleted viruses in several ways:

PopUp's + Log: Show Message Box and write Log if threat detected and removed.
PopUp's: Only Message Box.
virus detected
Log: Only Log. It is Quiet Mode, any confirmation messages will be applied automatically.
This mode useful for example if Prune Scene installed on Render Farm, where the Message Box should not block the render. For display log press the Show Log button.
virus log

Virus Selective Scan

virus selective scan
New powerful feature for quick find the ALC and CRP viruses on your HDD drive.
This scan works very quickly because it uses the built-in * .bat capabilities of Windows. Thus, you can choose not only individual folders but entire disk partitions (C:, D: , etc.).


Scanning large partitions can take 5 to 30 minutes.

For start scanning press the Select button and choose folder or drive. Then press the Run Scan.
Wait until the scan is complete, it take a while. During the scan, you can close the Prune Scene window and even continue to work in the 3Ds Max.


command processor bat file working
Do not close this window which appeared after the start of scanning! If you accidentally closed this window, restart Prune Scene and repeat the scan again!

You can close Prune Scene or even 3Ds Max, but the scan will continue until the Command Prompt works.
Thus, the scanning process can hang for a long time, and after completion you will be able to see the results in Detected Threats.

last scanned detected threats

For remove viruses from list, press the Disinfect button for each item in list manually.
If in Details you saw 0 Threat Files, then you do not have any viruses!


Viruses will not be detected if *.max file compressed with option Compress on Save in Preferences Autodesk 3Ds Max!
We recommend that you do not turn off the option Active Protection in Prune Scene!

Update System

In new version of Prune Scene used Automatic Updater Wizard, which allows you to automatically download latest version and silent install it.


This option works for those who purchased the license key!
prune scene update system
Press the button Check For Updates.
If fresh version is available you can see the green indicator Available new version: x.x.x
prune scene check updates
Press the Update To Latest Version and wait few seconds. After success update you can see next message.

prune scene update success
Restart the script and enjoy new version ;)


The Prune Scene script distributed by shareware license!
Purchase Key

License agreement:

  • This software is available in free access for every user
  • You can absolutely free to use all the features of this software
  • The author assumes no liability for damage to your computer (3D Studio Max, scene, etc.)
  • You have no right to transfer to third parties or acquired software license key
  • You can use license key maximum on 2 computers (Home and Work)

Obtain the license:

  • You support the author
  • You support the continued development of the script
  • You turn off the notification window when you run the script
  • You will be able to participate in the development of the script
  • You can receive free updates by clicking Check For Updates
  • You will be notified of each new version via email

License notice

Each time the script is run, you will see a message on purchase of the license.
prune scene license window
To close this window, press the 1, 2 or 3.
See the message For close this window press #? button, which button closes the window this time.
Purchase a license key, that the window is no longer displayed!

Purchase and using a license key

To purchase a license key, go to product page:
Prune Scene
and press Buy.
Or click on the Purchase Key button in the license window:
prune scene enter the license key
You will be redirected to the payment page.
Select a comfortable payment method, enter your e-mail and click the Continue.


Fill correctly your e-mail. In this e-mail will be sent an message with a license key.

prune scene payment enter email

You can use license key maximum on 2 computers!
After payment you will be redirected to the page with a license key.
Also the key will be sent to your specified e-mail.
prune scene receive license key

Copy the license key and paste it in the form of License Key in the notification window of the script license.
prune scene enter licese key
If you did everything correctly, the notification will automatically close and no longer appear.
In rollout About, you will see information about your license.
prune scene license success


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