Counter Game Online

Mini Maxscript game for levelup mathematics skills.
1.0.3 Version
Mar, 15 Updated
Free License
English Languages
Autodesk 3Ds Max 2012 Min. requirements

Mini Maxscript game for levelup mathematics skills.

How to play:

The principle of the game is very simple, count the sum of two numbers and enter the correct answer.
If you make a mistake and enter the wrong answer, you lose points.
Runs on the 3Ds Max 2011 and higher.
You can also compete with other players. The top 100 players will be displayed in leaderboard.

How to get more scores:

  • Try not to lose points
  • Use numpad for quick input
  • Long sessions will help to count faster

How to install:

  • Drag&Drop CounterGame.mzp in 3Ds Max window, or run a script via MAXScript → Run Script
  • Follow the instructions of installer

How to play with other players:

Now all the scores are stored Online! 100 best players will be displayed on the leader board.Prove that your country is playing better!


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