Updated on March 3, 2023

Our goals

3DGROUND is an online platform that helps architectural visualization, 3D modeling, visual effects and cinematography professionals improve their work by creating amazing designs.

This project combines several products that offer various tools to facilitate the difficult and painstaking process of creating 3D models and renderings.


3DGROUND's mission and philosophy is to create intuitive and accessible tools for professionals that enable them to work faster, more efficiently and with more precision. This gives them the opportunity to focus on their creative process and create unique designs.

Prune Scene

One of 3DGROUND's products is Prune Scene. This is a script for Autodesk 3Ds Max that will allow you to clean up your scene from accumulated debris and viruses.
Thanks to this, your scenes will no longer slow down and open for a long time. Sometimes cleaning up the garbage can help a lot and the project file can become even gigabytes smaller.

High standards in script creation allow for a more comfortable user experience.
We tried to make a really user-friendly product by including automatic updates, multilingualism and a simple installer.

Prune Scene

Model Packer

Another product is the Model Packer. This tool allows users to quickly create archives with 3D models for subsequent upload to various 3D Stocks.
Model Packer optimizes routine manual labor and takes into account many aspects and nuances when creating an archive for a particular 3D Stock.

The script has a list of presets for different 3D Stocks, by selecting the one you need, you can be completely sure that your 3D model will pass moderation.
Model Packer takes into account various nuances when packing, such as: deleting Track Notes, renaming and resetting texture paths, renaming materials and objects, saving various formats fbx, obj, 3ds, removes unnecessary junk objects like light sources and Helpers, creates the correct file structure and much more.

All this makes packing 3D models faster and more accurate.

Model Packer

Other Solutions

On the 3DGROUND website, in addition to the scripts described above, you will find many interesting products that will help you with modeling, optimization, workflow acceleration and even mini-games.

You can see the full list of products by clicking on the link below.


Overall, 3DGROUND is one of the best projects in 3D modeling and architectural visualization.
With its modern approach and intuitive products, 3DGROUND helps professionals create high quality projects, reducing time and effort.

If you are a specialist in this field, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the articles and products that we offer.
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