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Updated on November 7, 2022

translate tools interface

3DGROUND Translate Tools

If you want to help the development of 3DGROUND, and also want to see any script in your native language, you can help with this.
Convenient tool 3DGROUND Translate Tools, will help you conveniently fill in the text and carry out automatic translation using Google Translate.

Now you do not need to manually open files and edit lines. Thanks to the language pack standard developed by 3DGROUND, translation has become very easy.


In order to install 3DGROUND Translate Tools, download the archive from the link below and extract its contents.

Download Translate Tools
extracted translate tools
Drag&Drop " 3DGROUND Translate " into the Viewport of your 3Ds Max or execute the script from the menu  Scripting → Run Script.

Once launched, you will see the following interface:
translate tools interface

Selecting a script for translation

select for translate
Before starting work, you need to select from the list Installed Script , the product that you want to translate or edit.
The script must be installed in advance. Make sure you have the latest up-to-date version!

Creating a new language

To create a new language, click the Add New Language button.
creating new language
Fill out the form to create a language:

  • Language Name - in one word, the name of the language (will be displayed in the list of languages)
  • Language ISO2 - an abbreviation consisting of two letters (the list of abbreviations can be viewed on the website
  • Author - your name (will be displayed in the tooltip if you press [?])
  • Web Site - your website ( will be displayed in the tooltip if you click [?]), this is a good advertisement for your site
  • Version - version of the translation, write 1.0.0
  • Description - description of the translation (for example, who was translation done)
After filling out the form, click Ok.

Translating language keys

After creating a new language, you will see a new column highlighted in red.
begin translate
Red color informs that there is no translation.

Starting from the first line, you need to translate each paragraph.

To do this, double-click on an item from the list.
translate key form
In the Edit Item window, opposite your language, write the correct translation and click OK.
automatic translate
Main Language is the main language from which automatic translation can be done. Select English or another suitable language from the drop-down list. Then press the T button next to your language. After a moment, the text will be automatically translated. Make corrections if necessary.
Do not change the value in the Key field, only the translation for your language!
translate done
This is how you can easily translate almost any script with 3DGROUND.

Translation of hints

After you have translated all the keys. You need to select the next item in the Section Type drop-down menu. Usually there are two points, they are: UI and TOOLTIPS.

It is very important to translate TOOLTIPS as well, otherwise your version of the translation will not be approved.
translate tooltips
Here, also by analogy, you need to translate point by point until there are no red points left.

Language export and submission for moderation

When you have finished translating for UI and TOOLTIPS from the Section Type drop-down menu, click the Export Languages ​​ button, then choose a convenient save path. After the export is finished, the destination folder will open for you, where you will see a list of language files.
export language files
Send your translated *.lng file to the mail:

If your version of the translation passes moderation, it will definitely be added in the next release of the script.
Assistance in translation is made on a voluntary basis and the reward for the work done will be in the form of a text of gratitude on the site and advertising of your site in a hint to the language.


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