Author: MastaMan
Date: February 15, 2023
Updated on: July 27, 2023

Chapter 1

And so the story begins...
The mystery of the third planet has always fascinated them.

All the planets from afar look a little like a rubber ball, and have different shades, usually they are: orange, green and blue. But this planet is special, it shimmers in different shades and green fixtures are visible in its craters, from which it attracts even more attention.

Chapter 2

They, full of enthusiasm and ideas, went to meet this planet.
But who are they?

They are not superheroes and they do not have super powers.
They love to explore planets and bring life to them, just like you do - bringing life to your renders and arts.
They are very hardworking and have done a lot of work to go space.
They are always positive and full of enthusiasm and it would seem that there is so much of it that they could share it with the whole world.
And their name is “PikiWiki”!

Chapter 3

Also, PikiWiki don't like manual work, so they always optimize their process.
They create tools that do everything for them.
And they recommend the scripts from the 3DGROUND site because these scripts are very helpful in their work.

Chapter 4

ps square

The journey was long and full of adventures.
For example, flying over the planet “Autoback-Scene-12.max”, they found a lot of debris.
Because of what the planet could not rotate around its axis.
They had to make a stop, but luckily they were helped by the Prune Scene script and "PikiWiki" didn't spend much time continuing on their way...

Prune Scene

Chapter 5

smf square

Adventures did not leave PikiWiki, flying through another black modifier, the transformation of their ship changed.
The ship kept changing direction, instead of up - it was flying down, instead of to the left - it was flying to the right and vice versa. Because of this, they lost their way a little, the ship kept tossing from side to side.

It was important to fly around the black modifier, otherwise the subsequent migration to the planet could lead to strange consequences.
For example, after migration, their ship could become larger than the planets, or even worse, this is the “curse of the black polygon”.

But not at this time. Bob took control and applied the Stock Model Fixer script, skillfully used Reset XForm and BoxTrick, after which everything returned to normal immediately. But they still had to make a stop on the planet "Main-Scene-002.max".

Stock Model Fixer

Chapter 6

Before the third planet, they still had 1024 passes.

Bob: Why not fill up the Raytrace fuel.

Shark: Great idea, especially since the planet “Main-Scene-002.max” has a lot of useful 3D models and resources.

"PikiWiki" landed and began to explore this planet.

Bob: Hm, it looks like there are more useful 3D models here than we expected.

Shark: We need to collect as many as possible to send to the 3D Stock.

Joe: That's right, we need upgrades for our ship so we can get there faster to the desired point.

Max: Yes, but how we collect so many models, here is work for months ahead.

Bob: Don't worry Max, I have a great tool - Model Packer!

Chapter 7

mp cyber square

PikiWiki decided to collect all the models until the planet grew to "Main-Scene-007-Final-Final.max". Bob launched Model Packer and lo and behold! All models parked in minutes!

Bob: I told you, this script can be relied upon, it has always helped me out.

Joe: Great, Shark and Max have collected the necessary Raytrace and we are ready to go.

Bob: I suggest we stay until tomorrow, we're all done tired.

It was getting late and PikiWiki decided to stay until morning. They fired up Particle, took cover with mCloth, and ran a sleep simulation.

Model Packer

Chapter 8

Morning, the soft light of Global illumination filled all the craters, the pleasant sounds of RealFlow water, a very soft Scatter on this planet. They woke up to the distinct sounds of MassFX.

Max: Great dream, after all that hard work.

Bob: Shark, see if there are any Coins for ship upgrades?

Shark: You won't believe it, Bob! A lot of Coins accumulated overnight on 3D Stock!

Bob: And this means that we can finally get ourselves a new video card!

Max: Undoubtedly, this is the best investment, our Raytrace speed will now be even faster!

Bob: I need to use Model Packer more often!

Chapter 9

pri square

They were about to take off, but it turned out that Joe was missing!

Max: Has anyone seen Joe? Where's Joe?

Bob: We can't fly without him, we need to find him.

Shark: Look, he's in the clearing.

Joe loves to draw and this time was no exception. Joe took his easel and while everyone was sleeping, he wanted to capture the beautiful views.

Shark: Joe, it's time to get ready to go, are you coming soon?

Joe: Yes, I'm already running, I'll just do a Paste Ref Image.

Shark: What is it?

Joe: This is a script that will allow me to collect references in one place and I can draw my picture later.

Shark: Well, you figured it out! This script should definitely be taken with you on the road!

Joe has collected all his references. With renewed vigor and a new video card, PikiWiki set out on an adventure.

Paste Ref Image

Chapter 10

ctp square

This time they were packing so fast that they forgot to take food with them.

Bob: Guys, we're running out of food, any suggestions?

Max: I'd use the CopyTo PRO script, it can migrate any object to any planet.

Bob: Exactly! How I didn't think of that right away.

Joe: Yes, we can do a migration and a copy of objects, which will save time.

Shark: That's where the progress has come, it's so elementary and convenient!

Bob: Too bad Raytrace can't be multiplied like that ;)

Joe: Exactly, that would definitely solve our problems and we wouldn't have to stop on the planet "Test-Houses-01.max".

Max: Get ready guys ! A couple of passes and we'll be there!
CopyTo PRO

Chapter 11

The planet "Test-Houses-01.max" seemed to be uninhabited. The inhabitants have long since left these places, due to the strong winds.

Joe: Why are these places abandoned? There are so many nice houses here!

Bob: These people have always lived without windows. I mean, they had holes for the windows, but there are so many houses that it would take a long time to arrange the window frames.

Joe: Hmm, I think I can help them?

Bob: Is there a script for that too?

Joe: Of course! With Window Placer, you can quickly arrange windows on large volumes.

Bob: Maybe we can help them?

Joe: Else! Look...

Joe made a couple of window frames, fired up Window Placer and applied the script. After some time, full-fledged windows appeared in the window openings of the city, even with vents.

Bob: Miracles and nothing more!

Joe: I think that now the inhabitants can return and not be afraid of the winds.

The residents were so grateful that they fueled the Raytrace without Coins. And Joe left them a link to the script.

Window Placer

Chapter 12

PikiWiki were already on their way to the third planet.
Joe and Max have been playing Counter Game Online and Break Out Online for several days in a row.
These games dragged them so much that they didn't leave their screens for hours on end.

Bob: What did you find in these games?

Joe: Did you know that the scores are saved online here?

Bob: No…

Max: That's the point, being first on the leaderboard.

Bob: Well, that's another story, you have to will try.

Joe: Better not ;) someone has to steer the ship.

Bob: Haha.

Chapter 13

easy square

They managed to fly to the third planet.
It's really beautiful, of an unusual shape with green fixtures in the craters, it looks so rubbery that it seems that there is no RigidBody MassFX on this planet.

Bob: Well, we've arrived. There's going to be a lot of work here.

Max: Let's clean up the junk first with Prune Scene!

Joe: Both Prune Scene and Stock Model Fixer, everything needs to be applied.

Shark: I'll take care of the models for 3D Stocks, we already tested Model Packer, extra Coins will not hurt!
Bob: What's the name of this planet?

Max: Hmm, let's 3DGROUND!

Shark: Great idea, Max.

Bob: We've had an interesting and long journey, I'm glad that we will bring so many scripts to 3DGROUND.

Joe: I suggest making these scripts available to everyone.

Shark: And how many scripts did we take with us?

Bob: Prune Scene, Stock Model Fixer, Copy To PRO, Paste Ref Image, Window Placer and games.

Shark: There will be something to share. Great!

They liked this planet so much that they decided to stay here for a long time.
Many people liked the scripts that they brought with them, and this planet became such a center of attention.
After all, in the universe there are many planets suffering from garbage, with the curse of the “black polygon”, 3D models with poor transformation, houses without windows, models not sent to 3D Stock and much more.

PikiWiki is just like you - hardworking, demanding and not fond of manual work.
Their main secret is not to do a routine and optimize everything.
Take an example from them!

Useful Scripts


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