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Error Unexpected end of script

Author MastaMan
Updated on May 26, 2021
English and Русский

Where does this error come from?

Sometimes, when launching 3Ds Max, for some unknown reason, a "MacroScript Compile " error may occur with the text "-- Compile Error: Unexpected end-of-script - In Line: -- This check..."

This error occurs due to the fact that some plugins, such as V-Ray Renderer or Corona Renderer, can write their scripts to certain system folders of 3Ds Max and when trying to write such a write fails. Therefore, scripts may not be generated or may be partially recorded.

An example of such a script with an error, you can see in the screenshot below:
3dsmax broken script


Press the F11 button to open the Maxscript Listener (compilation error log), you will see an error related to the temporary script __temp***.mcr.

You need to copy this path and paste in the file manager, then just find and delete the buggy file.
show log error end of script
Do not try to delete the whole ENU folder, as they say in many forums! This can lead to the loss of many settings and interrupt your workflow! Only one file that is causing the problem needs to be deleted!
Done! Try restarting 3Ds Max, there should be no error now!


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