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Creation of the Lamborghini Urus project (WebGL-PlayCanvas). Part 6.

Author MastaMan
Updated on June 28, 2022
English and Русский


Intro Part 6

This is Part 6 of the tutorial series on building a Lamborghini Urus with WebGL/PlayCanvas.

For those who haven't read the previous parts, here's a demo video.

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In this tutorial, we will add front doors to the scene. Set up materials for all new objects.

Access to materials, such as: models in the format "FBX", textures, baked maps "AO" and more, you can get by subscribing to Patreon.

Patreon - 3DGROUND

Adding doors

By dragging and dropping into the "Assets" panel → "car", add two new objects "SM_FrontDoorRight" and "SM_FrontDoorLeft".
playcanvas add door objects
Let's add door objects to the scene. Drag the "Template" doors into the "Car" Entity. If you did everything right, the doors will fall into place.
playcanvas add doors to scene

Customizing door materials

Nine material slots are available for doors. We will use some materials from those that were created earlier.
playcanvas door material slots

CarPaint Material

playcanvas material doors preview
Take the previously created "M_CarPaint_Exterior" and make a duplicate. Let's name it as "M_CarPaint_Doors".

For "Ambient Occlusion" change the texture to "T_FrontDoorLeft_AO".
t frontdoorleft ao
Assign "M_CarPaint_Doors" to "CarPaint" slot for both doors.
playcanvas material carpaint result

Duplicate content

Assign the previously created materials such as "M_BlackPlastic", "M_BlackMetal", "M_Chrome", "M_GlassWinds", "M_BlackLeather" and "M_Leather".
playcanvas repeated materials
Fine. Almost all materials were ready and we did not have to create them from scratch. It remains to create the material of the mirror and turn signals.

Material Mirror

playcanvas material mirror preview 2
Change the "Shading" mode to "Phong". For "Diffuse" set the color to black "0,0,0".
playcanvas material mirror diffuse
"Specular" and "Environment" settings are pretty simple. See screenshot.
playcanvas material mirror specular and environment settings

Material EmissiveYellow

playcanvas material emissive yellow preview
To adjust the material of the turn signals, you need to make the following changes.
playcanvas material emissiv yellow emissive settings


playcanvas doors ready
In this part, we added door objects and quickly set up, due to the fact that most of the materials were already created earlier.

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